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This deck of Critical Thinking Cards will help you spot manipulation, dodgy logic, propaganda and persuasion techniques from advertisers, politicians, the media, and your own brain.


  • 24 Logical Fallacies
  • 24 Cognitive Biases
  • 3 Game Cards
  • 3 Call-out Cards

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Protip: adapt the G-rated games cards for drinking games while watching the news or a political debate. Disclaimer: we take no responsibility in the quite likely outcome of alcohol poisoning in such a situation.

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We’re a not for profit helping popularise critical thinking. Learn more about us here. We also sell high quality Critical Thinking card decks and posters, and we use all the proceeds to help popularize critical thinking. 

You can also buy high-quality printed cards and have them delivered to your door.

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  • 24 common Biases and Fallacy flash cards, plus 3 game and call out cards to help you use them in everyday life
  • 24 Common Fallacy wall poster
  • 24 Common Biases wall poster
  • A deck of 52 brainstorming tools to inspire innovation and stoke your creative potential
  • Creative Thinking Tools Wall Poster featuring: Creative Thinking Tools

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At risk of humbly bragging, over 6,987,000 others from all corners of the globe have either downloaded or purchase the printed cards and posters or viewed the School of Thoughts materials on Critical Thinking.


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